ZANO – Taking selfies to a whole new level

You’re out walking Snowdon with your friends, you reach the top and want to capture the glorious view as well as having yourself and your friends in the picture too, rather than spending ages editing the picture of you and your friends with the picturesque view you could get yourself a ZANO and capture the whole scene on an easy to use drone which is controlled from the comfort of your smartphone.

ZANO is a Nano Drone which has a built in HD camera which is capable of capturing HD videos and photos from a great height, the other great thing about it is that it has built in wi-fi so you can be at ease when using it because you know it will always stay connected to the main hub, your smartphone. When the ZANO’s battery is running low, it always makes sure that it makes its way back to you so you don’t lose it thus making it a big waste of money. Another great point to make about the ZANO is that it’s tiny so it just fits in the palm of your hand, making this an easy way for it to take off and land.

ZANO has the ability to fly by using two options, you can either use gesture controls by tilting your phone in the direction that you want it to go, or you can use the ‘Free flight’ mode and then use the joystick that appears on screen. The free flight mode allows you to position the ZANO in the place you wish to take the photo and then by the press of a button you can have it just hover in that position ready for you to take the picture. What with operating on a ‘virtual tether’ this allows the ZANO to follow you without the need of getting any control from the user. It also has many sensors which work together to make sure the ZANO avoids all obstacles.

The ZANO is currently in it’s development stage over on Kickstarter but it is doing very well what with currently (19/12/14) raising £886,357 topping it’s goal of £125,000!

So remember, when you’re out and need something which can grab that amazing picture which you want to get, ZANO is the thing for you.

For more information on the ZANO and to buy one yourself, check out their kickstarter here:

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