Starlink Dish on Roof

Starlink – Musk’s satellite solution. Magic or middling?

We recently got our Hands on Starlink, the latest Satellite Network solution from Elon Musk. Though we found it to be sub-standard for our needs, check our review and test of the device here: Starlink is a satellite internet service offered by SpaceX that aims to provide broadband access to remote and rural areas. Reviews [...]

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NHS Test and Trace Scams – We Can Help

[heading title_color="body-default" title_size="h2" title="With the Coronavirus still looming, the use of the NHS’s Test & Trace service has been prevalent in the UK becoming almost a necessity to curb COVID-19." heading_id="H2"][pix_responsive_spacer element_id="1644924805814-409f783c-e56a" height="25px"] With that comes risks through online scams such as phishing scams and social engineering to get your information. Action Fraud have said

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Why is your computer slow?

It’s the age-old computer problem – my computer works, but not well. “What could possibly be going on? When I bought this computer, it was as fast as can be” you ask yourself. There’s a plethora of reasons to consider when pondering why your beautiful workhorse has slowed down a little, often it’s not a

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New Year, New Threats

M eltdown and Spectre. You’ve heard a little about these two names in the news and media, but what are they actually going on about? Seems fitting that the New Year would kick off with a brand new potential threat to our IT Systems, but these two might actually be the most critical vulnerabilities to

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