Instagram Rapture – The day millions hated

Instagram, it’s been around for a number of years, most people love it, others hate it. Whether you love it or hate it, you may have been effected by the most recent thing they’ve done which is deleting a millions if not billions of Fake and inactive accounts much to the disapproval of many Instagram users who have been heavily effected.

Instagram fake accounts have been around just as long as Instagram, these are accounts which people get paid for to make just so they can follow the paying person’s account just so they can boost up their followers to increase their ‘social media stardom’. What with being an avid user of Instagram, I’ve never brought myself followers, but I did have some fake/inactive accounts following me but they have been deleted. Some sites are still available where you can “Buy your followers” For so much as $69 for 1000 followers. Other sites claim to offer 50,000 followers at a high price.

Many celebrities’ accounts got effected by this latest thing to come from Instagram, the celebrities which got effect the worst though were the likes of Akon, Justin Bieber, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian which all lost mass amounts of these fake followers. Some of the people effected were not just celebrities though, the user “chiragchirag78” Lost 99.99 (3.9 million) percent of his followers taking him down to the low number of 8 followers. Other users effected by this have been showing their anger towards Instagram by leaving comments on posts by instagram stating how many followers they have lost during the deletion of fake accounts and inactive users.

For more information and to see some more of the stats and figures of accounts deleted check here:

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