Starlink – Musk’s satellite solution. Magic or middling?

Starlink Dish on Roof

We recently got our Hands on Starlink, the latest Satellite Network solution from Elon Musk. Though we found it to be sub-standard for our needs, check our review and test of the device here:

Starlink is a satellite internet service offered by SpaceX that aims to provide broadband access to remote and rural areas. Reviews of Starlink are mixed, with some praising the service for delivering on its promises of high speeds and easy setup, while others criticize it for being expensive and still short of its potential. A review by PCMag calls Starlink a “godsend for country living” and gives it an Editors’ Choice award, while a review by Tom’s Guide finds the service wanting despite its potential. The review methodology of includes internet speed performance, customer service reports, and equipment quality and issues. A review by The Verge acknowledges the technical achievement of Starlink but cautions against overhyping its potential. Overall, it seems that Starlink is a good option for those who need it and have service available, but it may not be for everyone due to its cost and limitations.

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