Barclaycard Contactless Gloves

It’s Christmas Eve, you’re doing that last minute shopping and the queue is taking forever. You panic, ‘Where’s my card?!’ But no need to worry, with the Barclaycard Contactless gloves, it will be much easier to make payments like this because you just tap your hand onto the contactless card reader and BAM you’ve paid for your items.

For the busy Christmas period Barclaycard are trailing the contactless gloves to make it much easier to pay for your items. The one downside with the gloves though is that it is exclusive to Barclaycard at the moment, but hopefully the trail is successful and other banks follow this and create their own Contactless gloves. The gloves are embedded with a ‘bPay’ chip which enables the user to quite simply tap the payment device just like they would if they were using their card.

The bPay first popped up when Barclaycard decided that they were going to make a wearable wristband which can be used (Like a contactless card) to pay for things in a nice, easy effective way. Southampton FC are using the bPay to give their fans a much easier way to pay for things when they’re buying merchandise or getting food at the food stand.

Two more places where they trailed the bPay band was the London Pride event and the ‘Barclaycard British Summertime’ festival. The band went down really well at these events because of how easy it is to just order drinks and buy food while walking around the events. One brilliant thing about the band is that it is open to any bank, you just need to put money onto it by heading online and filling out your bank account details.

The Barclaycard Gloves and bPay band are two amazing creations to come from Barclaycard and I think that they’re going to change the way that we pay for things in everyday life.

For more information on the bPay band and the Barclaycard gloves, check out these websites: Bpay website: Barclaycard gloves:

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