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Certificate of Destruction Computer Equipment

Computer Assistance are the Oxford based computer experts offering professional disposal of data and issuing of a hard drive certificate of destruction. Using our service gives you the reassurance to know your data has been handled securely, and you are armed with the appropriate documentation to comply with the law and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) stipulations.

What is a certificate of destruction?

Simply put, it’s a document to prove that you have securely disposed of computer equipment (usually storage media such as a hard drive) that contained data so it can no longer be retrieved or otherwise accessed.

Why is a certificate of destruction for hard drives so important?

To comply with certain GDPR regulations, data law, and to reassure customers you are a responsible and professional data handling business or organisation, you need to be prepared to dispose of data in a secure and efficient fashion and prove that you have done so – hence the importance of a hard drive certificate of destruction.

This data destruction also applies to other methods of data storage and retrieval such as tapes, CDs, memory sticks and other storage media.

Even if data has been deleted using the computer’s software hard drives no longer in use require proper wiping as persons with access to powerful recovery tools could access data that you think has been deleted.

You also may need to keep evidence of secure data disposal – such as hard drive certificate of destruction documents – for possible audits of your data handling arrangements.

How we can help with certificate of destruction hard drive

As a company, we at Computer Assistance are qualified to provide you with a certificate of destruction computer document that proves you have securely destroyed data held on a certain component such as a hard drive.

You can simply come into our Oxford shop and we’ll professionally wipe and discard your drives as part of a service that you can count on to know that data you previously held on these drives cannot be accessed again or otherwise fall into the wrong hands.

Your customers and others who you may hold data for will also be reassured knowing that you follow a professional and security conscious policy when it comes to data storage and handling.

Your certificate of destruction computer equipment is copper bottomed proof that your data has been professionally removed from media that should no longer store it – for example, IT equipment you are disposing of or are otherwise decommissioning.

Disk Drives

The procedure for acquiring your certificate of destruction hard drives:
What We Need

You should bring in the drive to our Oxford premises with the following data:

  • Name of the drive
  • Capacity of the drive
  • Serial number of the drive

Certifcate of Destruction

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