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We offer quick, reliable computer repair and replacements from your one stop Oxford computer repair shop.

Has your screen died? Does your computer turn on? Dead keys on your keyboard? Touchpad not working? Is your machine not booting up? Do you think you may have virus issues? Machine overheating? If so, come to Computer Assistance – one of the most widely respected computer repair shops in Oxford – for reliable repairs for likely less than half the price of a new computer!

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Computer Repair Services

Monitor Repair

Blank screen? Accidentally damaged the display by dropping the laptop or dropping something on it? We can help. Whether it’s an Apple or Microsoft laptop with a cracked or chipped screen, or a display that’s not working at all, we can replace it.

Most modern laptops to a decent specification cost a minimum of around £400 new while new Apple laptops such as the MacBook Air start at around £1000 – even the cheapest Mac desktop computer kicks off at £700. On top of this, you’ll have to worry about data transfers from the old laptop to the new if total replacement is required, not to mention the general upheaval of switching to a new computer.

Computer Screen Repair
Dead Laptop

Pay less than half the cost of a new machine.

You can have the screen replaced with a brand new one saving you time and money: we have several new screens in stock available so reducing your downtime through having no laptop. If you have an uncommon laptop screen, we can order it especially for you.

Once we’ve replaced your screen, we’ll ensure your laptop is working properly again with professional testing and stressing of your machine.

Computer Power Repair

Faulty DC Power Socket

Having trouble charging up your laptop? It may have a faulty power socket. We can repair or replace these easily and fully test it for function and safety.

Computer Repair

Laptop Screen Repair

Cracked or broken screen? We can replace your screen with one to a high specification that looks and performs as good as new.


Virus / Malware

Is your laptop running slowly or not responding? Frequent pop-ups? If so, you may have viruses or malware, but there’s no need to worry as we can remove them. Contact our computer repair store in Oxford today.


Overheating Laptop

A hot laptop might mean your fan isn’t working properly so endangering your motherboard and likely causing performance issues to the point where, if your laptop is running too hot, it might shut down. We can fix and clean the fans and investigate other possible causes of overheating.

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Windows or Mac OS won’t boot

If Windows or Mac OS won’t boot you might have a corrupted operating system, a failing hard drive, or a virus problem. We can help here and restore your data.


Faulty Keyboard/Touchpad

A faulty laptop keyboard can often be the result of liquid damage or – in the case of dead keys – hard use over a long period. A faulty touchpad can be a consequence of a number of possible faults like driver or hardware issues: there’s a good chance we can help, so contact us today.

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Apple Mac Repair

We are Oxford’s leading, certified Apple Mac repair centre and our Apple Mac repairs conform to Apple’s high standards.

Screen Repair

Computer Monitor Repair

We can repair broken Apple or Windows laptop screens and monitors, for a much lower cost than a replacement monitor.

Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostic Services

If your device is not working properly, we can perform a diagnostic scan to find out why.  Once we have the scan results we can discuss solutions.

Fast turnaround in our computer repair shop

Along with being able to repair various faults with your laptop or desktop PC, we aim to complete repairs fast, so you spend the minimum time without your machine. One day turnarounds are often possible, and we can supply a rental laptop if you have no computer to fall back on while repairs are carried out in our Oxford computer repair shop.

Brands We Support!

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Computer Repair FAQ

When repairing a computer/laptop do you look at any personal files?

Computer Assistance does not and will not look at your personal files unless permission has been given accordingly

Do you offer onsite computer repairs?

We do offer onsite repairs, just call us up and enquire today for a quote

Do you repair apple laptops and desktops?

Here at Computer Assistance we try to repair any brand and model of computer or laptop, Apple devices is no exception! In fact we are the only Authorised Apple Repair consultant in the area

Why is my laptop overheating?

There are a variety of reasons why a laptop overheats such as air flow inlets being filled with dust or the thermal paste is old on the proccessor, some fixes will require you to open the laptop up and fiddle with components therefore its advised if not experienced bring it in to repair

My computer is slow what should I do?

There are countless amounts of causes for this such as not enough memory modules installed for how you are using the machine or running out of free space on your hard drive/solid state drive. but it could also be a faulty compenent in the machine thats used for operation like memory, proccessor, hard drive/solid state drive. The best action to take is to clear some space on the computer and use task manager to close tasks down that are not needed to be running, if this doesnt improve the speed then its advised to bring it in to our repair shop or call us so we can assist on next steps

Looking for Remote Support?

For our remote support offering please visit Wiseserve for information


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– Spend less than half the cost of a new laptop
– One-Day replacement/repair turn-around available. Reduce your downtime!
– Have a unique laptop? We order the part in for you
– Rental Laptops available for you whilst your screen is being repair

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