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Laptop Repair Oxford

Computer Assistance are the best laptop repair technicians in Oxford. Since 1996 we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best level of expertise and support possible, all in the local Oxford area. If your laptop is broken, slow or just needs an upgrade, we can help you.

Do you think your laptop has any of the problems listed below? Don’t worry! We can help. Just contact us today and get the laptop repair oxford customer’s use.

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Faulty DC Power Socket

Having trouble charging up your laptop? It probably has a faulty DC socket. We can repair or replace these easily.

Laptop Screen Repair

Cracked or broken screen or screen panel? We can replace your screen with one that looks as good as new.

To learn more about our screen repair services, take a look at this page and submit your model number and manufacturer for a quick quote!

Virus / Malware

Laptop is running slowly or not responding? Frequent pop-ups? You may have viruses. We can remove them. Contact us today.

Overheating Laptop

A hot laptop might mean your fan isn’t working properly, endangering your motherboard. If your laptop is too hot, it might turn itself off. We can fix and clean the fans.

Windows Won't Boot

If your Windows won’t boot, you might have a corrupted operating system, a failing hard drive, or a virus problem. We can help with all these things and restore your data too.

Keyboard/Touchpad Not Working

A faulty laptop keyboard is often the result of liquid damage, a faulty touchpad can be a result of a number of things like driver issues or just a hardware issue. We may be able to help, contact us today.