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Whether you’re already running Linux based systems or considering adding the Linux OS (operating system) to your setup – or perhaps replacing your current OS with an all-Linux solution – you’ll find the help of an experienced Linux specialist invaluable. Thinking of switching over to Linux or adding it to your existing IT setup? Need some help with your current Linux OS (operating system) configurations? Or perhaps you require some ongoing, reliable support from an industry expert? For top class Linux IT services in Oxford, Computer Assistance are the experienced experts to talk to.


Expert Linux Support Services

We know it’s difficult to find Linux experts: the Linux platform is such that, being open source, it takes the touch of experienced Linux experts like ourselves to help you get the most out of it through implementing an effective Linux setup to suit your particular requirements.
We’re proud to say our top class Linux support services have helped a multitude of clients make the most of this powerful OS through working with our expert Linux team, who have years of experience across all the common Linux distributions and some of the niche ones too!

Linux Support

Linux IT Support Is Our Passion

We genuinely love to work with the GNU/Linux ecosystem and help our clients derive the maximum benefit from it, and that’s why you can trust us with your Linux support and setup: whether it be a single Linux server or a complicated network, we can help.
Interested in working with Linux but need to know more about this OS and how it can help your business? Ask the Oxford Linux experts, we’d be delighted to explain the benefits of Linux to you before you take the plunge.

Computer Assistance: Your Full Service Linux Specialist

Are you a new Linux user?: then leave your Linux setup entirely to us – we can install and set up Linux on your system from the bottom up and set up your mail servers, web servers, file servers, MySQL databases, DNS, DHCP, and more.
If you’re migrating to Linux from an existing setup such as Windows or Mac OS, we’ll ensure the changeover goes as smoothly as possible with minimum disruption to your business activities.

Are you an existing Linux user?: if so call in the Oxford Linux Support experts for all things Linux to ensure the very best Linux IT support for your existing system and to ensure you continue to make the most of this versatile OS. Along with ensuring you’re running the best ‘flavour’ of Linux to suit your current requirements, we can also monitor your current Linux servers and check their health status and take care of the backups so you can be confident your data is being backed up regularly, securely and safely.

We’ll also keep your systems updated and make them more secure – ever more important as compromises in IT security can have a devastating effect on your business.

Keep your Linux systems up and running with us


Because backups are very important, we do not only take care of them but we monitor and test them to make sure you always have backups available


We can help you setup WLS (Windows Linux Subsystem) so that you can run Linux in your windows computer


Monitoring your systems is very important for us because it can detect issues that can lead to a bigger problem

Save Money

Linux and its services are free, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on licensing


We'll be there when you need us

Businesses come to us because they know we’ll treat them as a long-term partner: they’re confident our Linux support services are ongoing for the long term; not just at initial setup or when remedial work is required, so we won’t just fix it and then leave.

We offer the support they and you need to build top class business networks through reliable and expert help from experienced Linux experts. Take a look below to see the partners we’ve assisted and worked with over the years.

Linux Support FAQ

Does Linux have technical support?

Linux has an active and friendly support community, but if you require professional support services for Linux call us today on 02081 069 639 – our Linux Experts are ready to help.

Where can I get support for Linux?

Computer Assistance are proud to offer multi-version Linux Support for businesses large and small across the entire UK.

How many versions of Linux do you support?

As Linux is an open-source operating system new distributions (versions) can be created and released by anyone at any time. We offer support for all versions with the most popular ones being Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian.

Who provides support for Ubuntu?

Computer Assistance offer support for Ubuntu and almost every version of Linux – Call us today on 02081 069 639

Can I run Linux on Windows?

Yes WLS (Windows Linux Subsystem) allows you to run Linux on your windows computer.

How do I get support for Linux?

Call us today on 02081 069 639 – our Linux Experts are ready to help.

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