Make sharing those files that little bit easy

Ever been faced with the problem of the file you wish to share with your friend or client being to big to send via email? Well, with the Gigs 2 Go you can share files in a much easier fashion.

The Gigs 2 Go is a Kickstarter funded project which became successful in January and has been on the rise and getting more and more popular as the months go by. The Gigs 2 Go is a collection of recycled paper flash drives which comes in the size of a credit card, with this size you get 4 flash drives, these come in 1GB, 8GB and 16GB. One other good thing about the drives is that you can get them personalised so they show your company logo or even your name if you want to. This is a great feature which does cost a bit extra to the price of them.

The Gigs 2 Go started off with a target funding price of: $14,000, but ended up finishing with: $17,891. There’s not really anything else like this on the market, so this goes to show if you head out there with an original idea, people and business will help you out on kickstarter especially when your product is so different, good for the environment, cost effective and easy to share your files.

So next time you want to share that video that you took of your cat in a much easier fashion, use the Gigs 2 Go to get that video around.

For more information and on where to buy the Gigs 2 Go, check out their site here:

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