Microsoft Office 16 – A new generation of office?

In the month of October this year (2014) word started going round of Microsoft’s new Office client, Office 16. Microsoft are aiming to release Office 16 on the second half of the 2015 calendar.

Microsoft also confirmed then that they planned to release the next versions of Exchange server and SharePoint server in 2015 but haven’t confirmed when in 2015. Also, they declined when the next version of Lync was to be released but in a recent article, it says that Microsoft have decided to get rid of the Lync brand next year and then become ‘Skype for business’ Purely for the fact that Lync and Skype are two similar things and it would be best to bring the two together.

Office 16 was tested with windows users and also private external testers back in October. Microsoft were not to be believed they were testing their latest touch-first/metro style office apps for windows yet, these have been rumoured to be released in spring 2015. Microsoft are soon to release Office for the android tablet soon as well, this will be an incredible thing to look forward to!

So it looks like next year is the year to keep your eyes on Microsoft!

For more information and to see where the information was sourced, check out this website:

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