The Dash- Changing the earphone game

Ever wanted a pair of earphones that will play your music, be a personal trainer and be wireless? Well, ‘The Dash’ will provide all those things for you. They will set you back $299 (£190) though, but every penny will be worth it.

The dash first appeared on ‘Kickstarter’ looking for funding so Bragi (Creators of The Dash) could get round to mass producing the ear phones to the big wide market of earphones and headphones. On the 31’st of March, The Dash got green lighted and became a successful kickstarter project after raising an incredible amount of $3,390,551 absolutely smashing their goal of $260,000!

What makes ‘The Dash’ incredible is how everything can be controlled by a simple gesture control on the headphones, or using the app that comes with the headphones. They also come with built in 4GB of memory so you can store music straight onto the headphones rather than having to use your smart phone, tablet or any music device. What these nifty things, the technical side and fitness side of The Dash is incredible for what it is.

Some of the technical and fitness things you get in The Dash are things like: ‘A fitness tracker, ear bone microphone, passive noise isolation and audio transparency.’ They also provide both earphones with three different sized silicone sleeves so you can get the perfect fit so you can exercise and listen to your music in the best comfort you can get. “If they’re wireless, how do I charge them?” I hear you cry, well, the case that comes with the earphones is what you charge it in, how you do it is by placing the buds back into the case and then connect the case to a USB port and then boom, you’re charging your wireless earphones!

So in conclusion, I’m completely won over with Bragi ‘The Dash’ purely for the fact of how easy it is to use them and the technology that is inside two little amazing things.

One thing though, maybe I’ll wait for them to go into sale what with the price they are.

For a more detailed run down of ‘The Dash’ and where to buy them check out this site:

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