Our Pick: Top 6 Gadgets to improve well-being for November


e are always on the hunt for interesting bits of tech. However, this is not limited to computer components, databases and software. If there’s a handy gadget out there or a convenience tool, we want our hands on it!

This month is no different. We’ve been searching far and wide and compiled a shortlist of gadgets. However, this isn’t just based on speculation and reviews alone. We’ve been able to get our hands on the shortlist of tech you’re about to see. We do believe they can be extremely helpful for your day to day life and improve your well-being as a whole. So, why not treat yourself to a bit of convenience in your daily schedule with our top 6 gadgets for November?

Furthermore, these would be great little pickups for Christmas, or even neat little presents for friends and family. Definitely worth noting!

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6: Ladies SOI Handbag Light

The first product on our list today, which the ladies- and some of the gents in our office are loving right now, is the Ladies SOI Handbag Light. SOl. Handbag Light

Now, before you jump to conclusions, this isn’t just necessarily for handbags. This simple, yet effective little gadget is activated with a light touch, once you’ve opened the bag in question. Then, the handbag light emits a strong enough light to illuminate the entire contents of your satchel.

We’ve been trying this out in some of our laptop bags just to see how flexible the SOI handbag light really is. The result? Extremely helpful. We were able to easily find a small usb drive that we hid under various, common laptop bag commodities. This includes the charger, other documents, the laptop, a mouse and more. We were able to clearly see the inside of the bag and distinguish between all the items inside.

Now, before you run off to buy this, please note that we do recommend a slightly larger bag than a handbag with this device. The light is pretty powerful and could easily illuminate the contents of a rucksack, we reckon. So, don’t leave your belongings in the dark!

The Ladies SOI Handbag Light retails for £16.99 and is purchasable here

5: TRACKR tracking device

Ever run into the problem of misplacing your keys or phone somewhere? I.. might be guilty of this, too. However, fear not, as the next gadget on our list is designed for the haphazard of us. TRACKR tracking device

The TRACKR tracking device is a perfect, lightweight, keychain fitting bit of tech that connects to an app on your phone. You can then name the device and tell it to make a location revealing noise. The App on your phone/tablet also gives you a geo location of the device, allowing you to easily keep track of where it is at all times. The App will also guide you in on your missing item (assuming the TRACKR is near the item in question).

Now, we did say misplacing your phone. This is true. On the TRACKR device itself, there is a button. Assuming you have the App installed on your phone and the device has been paired to it, then finding your phone is easy. Simply press the button on the TRACKR device and it will ring your phone, even when silent. Thus, losing your phone will become a thing of the past, even if your organisation is still lacklustre.

The TRACKR is available online for £22.76. You can get it from here.

4: TravelMate

I’m sure a few of you have been in this situation before. The inconvenience of pulling around and manipulating your luggage for a flight or a train ride. Can be a bit cumbersome in a busy station/airport. Why not go hands-free and make the airport/station section of your journey less hassle? Travelmate Suitcase

That’s where the TravelMate comes in. This bit of tech modernizes the conventional suitcase to 2017. It sports an integrated, but powerful electric motor and battery, along with an AI capable of learning as you use the suitcase. The suitcase can move both upright and horizontally, allowing for extra baggage to be carried on top. Furthermore, the battery allows for other devices, such as laptops and phones, to be charged from it. The good news is that the suitcase meets all TSA standards. So, don’t worry if you get a couple of odd looks when using this.

But I’m sure you’re concerned about the potential for theft. The partner app that comes with this suitcase has you covered. The suitcase comes with a GPS chip, so you will always know where your luggage is, even if it’s not in sight.

The bad news is that this smart suitcase doesn’t come cheap. It’s looking to retail at around £900 for the smallest version. However, if you head over to their page now , you can get it for a huge discount and have it ready and waiting at your doorstep the moment it’s available. Well… maybe not waiting for you at your doorstep, but close enough.

3: Sharky Stainless infuser

This gadget is simply one we can’t live without, now that we’ve tried it. As avid tea drinkers (borderline enthusiasts), this is an item we’ll be stocking up on in the future! Sharky Stainless Loose Tea Infuser

This simple device aids towards a good cup of tea like no other. The infuser “swims” around in your cup of water, slowly infusing it with your tea extract of choice. Furthermore, the process is extremely simple. Firstly, remove the rubber fin cover from the base. Then, add the tea extract and replace the fin. Once that’s done, simply let it “swim” in the water. In a couple of minutes, your tea should be ready for consumption!

Also, with this simple design, cleaning the device is incredibly easy too. We’ve been having a blast with this novelty item and it’s definitely been a hit with some of the more heavy tea drinkers in the office. So, it’s a thumbs up from us!

The Sharky Tea Infuser is yours for £14.41. You can get it from here .

2: Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger

Coming in at number 2 on our list is something that wouldn’t have been all too useful a decade or two ago. However, as our society becomes more dependent on and connected to tech, keeping your devices charged is more important than ever. You wouldn’t want your phone to run out of charge at a crucial moment before making an important call. Anka

More-so to the point, this kind of tech wouldn’t be available a decade or two ago, in the same size it is today, at least. True to its name, the Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger (bit of a long name) is brilliant for your on-the-go charging needs. Furthermore, as you probably guessed from the name, it’s extremely compact and can fit in your pocket! Futhermore, it’s IQ charge technology allows to read the device connected to it and charge it as fast as the device will allow, up to a max of 2amp. This is up to 4 times faster than charging via your PC.

So, don’t be left in the dark, keep your devices charged and ready with this compact charger with a lot of charge.

Getting this little beauty will set you back £15.99. However, the charger has had a capacity update to 6700mAh! Check it out here .

1: YETI Rambler 20 oz. Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Another handful of a name, but our last gadget on our list here is not necessarily something new. However, it is something we’d recommend for all long commuters. YETI Tumbler
If you’re looking to keep that coffee you prepared in the morning warm for work, or that ice-cold drink for the summer heat, then this tumbler is what you’re looking for. This tumbler can retain the heat in a warm drink for a significantly longer amount of time than conventional means. Furthermore, it’s able to keep a cold drink, cold. We gave this product a few test runs our-self and were surprised with the results. We left some ice in the tumbler in the morning in an air conditioned room (set to roughly 27C). By 1pm, whilst the ice cubes had shrunk in size slightly, they were still there. Moreover, the drink was still ice cold and a great refresher.

This fantastic tumbler can be yours for £26.32. The product can be found here.

Please note: All prices quoted in this post are subject to change. Prices change on a daily basis so there might be some variance.

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