Computer Repairs in Oxford since 1996

Call our Oxford Computer Repair Shop on 01865 717 088

We can fix laptop and desktop computers from as little as £38.00; with over 25 years of experience we offer a reliable computer repair service, our team of experts will repair your broken laptop, desktop or server and return it as quickly as possible.

01865 717 088 or 020 8106 9639

Call us for your Oxford Computer Repairs needs – we can save your data and provide a solution for your broken computer.

Some of the Computer Repair Services that we offer

Computer Power Repair

Computer Power Repairs

If your computer does not turn on, the fault may lie with the internal power supply. We will repair or replace the computer power supply as necessary then test the device thoroughly for function and safety.


Computer not working properly

Does your Windows Computer or Apple MAC need a performance upgrade? Unexpected shut downs or slow response times could be a corrupted operating system, a failing component or even a virus. Act now so we can save your data.

Computer Screen Repair

Screen Repairs

If your Computer screen is broken, if the screen is cracked or chipped, we can help. From fuses to board repairs we offer a full range of solutions for a broken computer screen.

Data Recovery Oxford

Data Recovery

If your Computer is unable to read your disk and you need data recovery, call us. We can remove your disk and recover your data.

Apple Memory

Memory Upgrades

Does your Windows Computer or Apple MAC run slowly? We can provide computer memory upgrades for most devices – adding memory improves performance.


Virus Removal

Do you have, or suspect you have, a computer virus? We can scan your device and remove malicious software.

Computer Screen Repair

Laptop Monitor Screen Repair

Do you need a laptop monitor repair? We can fix or replace the screen components so it will be as good as new.

Computer, Mac and Laptop Repair

Certified Apple Mac Repair

Our Oxford Computer Repair Store is certified by Apple to offer Apple Mac Computer Repairs.

Software Support

Computer Software Repair

Do you have software that no longer works and need help? We can investigate the reasons and offer software repair solutions.

Home or Office Collection

We can collect your broken device from your home or office, and return it to you once it’s repaired.

Rental Machines available

We offer computers and laptops for hire; you can keep working while we repair your computer.

Data Transfer

We offer a safe and secure data transfer service to move your critical data to a new computer.


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