Is your computer in need of some expert help?Do you have a virus?Is your computer running slow?Let us help you.

No booking fees, no jargon, no worries - take advantage of our expert knowledge to get your computer up and running in no time

We've been in business since 1996 so we're confident we know how to fix just about every problem. But here is just a sample of the computer repair services we can offer:

Custom Built PC.

We can build you a brand new PC, built for your needs and keeping all of your data and everything that’s important to you. Learn more by clicking.

  • Custom built brand new PCs
  • Built for purpose and to your specification
  • Professional Anti-Virus optional
  • Complete data migration
  • Software setup and configuration on demand

E-mail Issues.

E-mail bounceback issues? Trouble setting up your accounts on your device? Contact us today and let us get it all setup/resolved for you. Click through for more info.

  • Email synchronisation across devices
  • Email configuration
  • Emails not sending
  • Email recovery
  • E-mail client migration assistance and support

Screen Repair.

From faulty displays to cracked/chipped screens, we do the lot. If you have a damaged screen, give us a call. Full diagnostic and quotation included.

  • Dark or blank laptop screen repair/replacement
  • Cracked or chipped laptop screen replacement
  • Liquid damage
  • Dead pixel screen replacement
  • Damaged bezel repair

Performance Boost.

If your machine is starting to run a little slower than normal, we have several methods of speeding it back up. Make sure to get your device booked in for regular maintenance! Click through for more info.

  • Temporary File clean-up
  • Leftover Registry entry clean-up
  • Unused Programs removal
  • Internet Browser optimisation
  • Physical component cleaning and stress testing

Apple Mac Repair.

The certified Apple repair store in Oxford. Ranging from hardware to software, if you’re having an issue with your Mac, Macbook or other Apple device, we can sort it for you. Click through to read more.

  • Apple Mac Screen Repair
  • Mac case replacement
  • Repair/Replace Mac HDDs
  • Logic board repair/replacement
  • Mac adapter/battery replacements

Part Replacement.

Whether your device has a faulty or broken component, we can replace it. Not only do we stock every replacement part you can think of, but we also can order in any part needed. Click for more info.

  • Full device testing and diagnostics
  • Faulty component identification
  • Liquid damage
  • Worn fan replacement
  • Full device clean-up

HDD Replacement.

Slow performing device? Weird error messages on start-up? Corrupted data? It could be time to replace your Hard Disk Drive. Click through to learn more.

  • Full HDD diagnostics
  • Slow device performance repair
  • HDD replacement
  • Data transfer inclusive
  • HDD data recovery options available

Data Recovery.

Lost your data unexpectedly? We can perform a full recovery of your HDD’s data and have it just the way it was on a fresh drive. Click through for more info.

  • Hard Drive data recovery
  • E-mail recovery
  • Flash drive data recovery
  • Server file data restoration
  • Personal file synchronisation across all devices

Virus Removal.

Don’t succumb to viruses, malware and hijackers. Let us do a full service of your device and provide a professional anti-virus solution for you.

  • Cryptolocker recovery
  • Complete malware removal
  • Professional Anti-Virus Solution included
  • Browser Hijack repair
  • Boot Sector Virus removal