OXIS Energy wins 10-year contract to electrify the luxury boat market

OXIS Energy, a leading manufacturer of lithium-sulfur batteries, has achieved a significant milestone by OXIS Energy wins 10-year, £3.8 million contract that will propel the development of battery-powered luxury boats. This exciting partnership is with Yachts de Luxe (YdL), a prestigious Singapore-based company specialising in luxury yacht manufacturing. The collaboration aims to usher in a new era of eco-friendly maritime travel with a state-of-the-art 40-foot day boat, equipped with cutting-edge lithium-sulfur (Li-S) cell and battery systems technology. The ultimate goal is to deliver a vessel that can achieve a remarkable range of 70 to 100 nautical miles at cruising speed.

The centerpiece of this ambitious project is the vessel’s propulsion system—a robust 400 kWh battery system, composed of ultra-light, high-power cells, and a sophisticated battery management system (BMS). To ensure the highest standards of performance and safety, the design, manufacture, and installation of the cell modules, as well as the BMS, will be executed by the esteemed subcontractor, Williams Advanced Engineering.

While this initial 10-year contract is undeniably impressive, it only marks the beginning of an exciting journey. Future phases of the partnership will encompass an array of follow-on projects, including the development of service boats and mega yachts. These endeavors are expected to further establish OXIS Energy’s position as a pioneering force in the realm of maritime electrification.

OXIS Energy’s CEO, Huw Hampson-Jones, expressed his enthusiasm for this venture, highlighting the company’s recent achievements in the electric aviation sector. He remarked, “In August, OXIS successfully powered the first-ever US-built electric aircraft with a flight time of just under two hours. The flight was approved by both NASA and the Federal Aviation Authority. Our intention is to achieve the same level of success in maritime applications.”

The significance of OXIS Energy’s latest contract cannot be overstated. It not only underscores the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of battery technology but also highlights the increasing global interest in sustainable alternatives to traditional fossil fuel-powered vessels. With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, OXIS Energy is poised to revolutionize the luxury boating industry by providing a clean, efficient, and reliable source of power.

The adoption of lithium-sulfur batteries in the maritime sector is a major step forward in the ongoing transition toward cleaner and greener transportation options. Compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries offer several key advantages. They are known for their high energy density, which enables longer operating ranges on a single charge. Moreover, they are considerably lighter, which contributes to improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

As the project progresses, it’s expected that the collaboration between OXIS Energy and Yachts de Luxe will pave the way for further advancements in battery technology, making electric propulsion systems more accessible and practical for the marine industry. In the long term, these innovations could not only reduce the carbon footprint of luxury boats but also transform the way we perceive sustainable sea travel.

It is important to recognize that this collaboration between OXIS Energy and Yachts de Luxe is not just about building a single boat; it’s about setting a precedent for the entire luxury boating industry. By showcasing the capabilities of advanced lithium-sulfur battery technology, this partnership aims to encourage other players in the maritime sector to embrace similar innovations and accelerate the shift toward cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

In conclusion, OXIS Energy wins 10-year contract,  to the value of £3.8 million with Yachts de Luxe is a pivotal moment in the quest for sustainable maritime transportation. This partnership promises to deliver a cutting-edge battery-powered luxury boat equipped with lithium-sulfur technology, setting the stage for a brighter, more eco-friendly future in the world of luxury boating. As OXIS Energy continues to push the boundaries of battery innovation, the company is not only changing the way we power our boats but also inspiring a new era of cleaner, more efficient maritime travel. With a commitment to success in maritime applications, OXIS Energy is on the cusp of transforming the industry, one boat at a time.

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