Is your Managed Service Provider right for you in 2022?

If 2021 taught us anything – it is that the IT landscape for SME’s requires full and thorough re-assessment. Due to COVID, demands on existing infrastructure have increased ten-fold. This has largely been down to the sudden need for every single employer to offer hybrid working solutions. As a result of this, MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) like us here at Computer Assistance have had to re-think existing offerings for Infrastructure needs and support requirements for our clients. You will most likely have noticed how well or poorly your current provider responded to these needs. If you’re feeling a little underwhelmed by the service you’ve been getting, it might be time to re-assess how well managed your IT is. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself.

Why are your IT issues recurring and not getting resolved?


If you find yourself calling that support number or emailing that helpdesk for the same issue it’s likely your Managed Service provider hasn’t found the root cause of an issue. A good Managed Service Provider will not only fix your issue but will also suggest long-term solutions to recurring issues. Solid industry experience and ensuring our Partner Agreements and Certifications are always kept up to date means we can always offer the best possible solution to ongoing problems and even have ‘inside knowledge’ of upcoming fixes, threats, and bleeding-edge technology.

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Do you understand what you’re paying for and are you getting your money’s worth?


Are you asking yourself what you are paying for and am I getting the most out of my service? if you are, you have likely not been explained by your MSP what your contract entails, or they have a confusing system that doesn’t shed any light on what services you receive. Here at Computer Assistance, we work with you through everything to make sure you know exactly what we do and how much this would cost with structured billing schemes in place so it’s easier for you to understand and you know exactly what we can do for you. Pre Year-end budget planning is the best time to consider changing your managed service provider or looking for a better deal

Is my Managed Service Provider evolving with me or my business?


If you have been paying for IT support during the pandemic and wondered if there is something you can be doing better. Chances are, there probably is – but you’ve been so busy treading water to keep your doors open and dreaded cutting your MSP in fear of a full IT meltdown. STOP – Think… Have you heard from them since the start of the pandemic? Have they offered to reduce your licence costs since you’ve cut your headcount? Have they shown they care about the survival of your business? Here at Computer Assistance, we regularly check in with our customers and doing so saved them hundreds of pounds by reviewing their ever-changing business needs.

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Is your MSP the right fit for you and your business?


A positive relationship with your MSP is crucial. If the relationship isn’t there, they are likely not fit for your business and your needs. Along with a long-lasting working relationship, there should be familiarity with who you’re working with. Whether that be a specific technician or a customer support representative, this creates a sense of security and saves time in the process (time is money after all!).

With working from home far more common than it used to be, it is no secret that MSP’s have been busier than ever. A study from January 2021 (ran by Altaro) suggest 70% of MSP’s saw an increase in revenue due to more people and companies working from home, this includes an increase in Office 365 business suite. Here at computer assistance were here to support you in the office or at home, with our staff trained with O365 we look to stay up to date with current and future trends so we can assist with all issues.

To read the in-depth study please click here.

We at Computer Assistance are committed to helping your business meet its goals and needs, like with all our clients we want to grow with you. Whether it’s to bring your setup to the modern era or large internal changes we’re here to help every step of your digital journey.

We’re here to make your switch stress and worry free so you can sit back and relax while we do the rest

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