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Wireless Advice, Support and Setup

We know that wireless internet can be a pain. If it’s not set up right, it can be slow, or have too little signal, or flicker intermittently.

Luckily, we have a large amount of experience with all the wireless routers and networks, from Draytek to Ubiquiti. We can come out on-site to test and configure your wireless networks, evaluating the environment to see where additional access points may be needed.

Contact us today so we can get you the treasured 4 wireless bars.

One Point Access. Wireless Throughout.

You need wireless connectivity that is seamless, consistent and convenient. With conventional access points, you would need to add all access points to your saved networks on your mobile device and doing so is quite a hassle. Furthermore, depending on your building’s composition, your wireless could be patchy and non-existent in some areas of your residence.

Those hassles and inconvenience are a thing of the past with Ubiquiti Wireless Access Points.

Ubiquiti unifies all access points.

With Ubiquiti wireless access points, you only need to connect once to the wireless network. Then, when you move out of range of one Ubiquiti access point range, you are seamlessly transferred to the next access ubiquiti access point with the strongest signal in your residence.

So, connect once and save only one network. Plus, never have a patchy signal again in your home/office!

Unify your control over your wireless network.

Ubiquiti Unifi Interface
With Unifi, you have complete control over your wireless nextwork. Unifi allows you to control the settings of all Ubiquiti devices connected, as well as a plethora of other information. Take full control of your network, manage throughput, check heatmaps to show weakspots in your wireless network and more with Unifi. Only with Ubiquiti.

What we do

We have a definitive 4 step process that can take you from a patchy wireless connection, to a wireless network that grows with you.

Free On-site Audit and Consultation

Firstly, we establish and gather information on your residence/building. Once we have all the info we need, we consult with you on what your expectation and needs are.


We will then provide you with a quotation for the installation and setup of the Ubiquiti devices. We will give you our best recommendation in terms of number of access points, Unifi machine hardware and future proofing suggestions. Once the quotation is confirmed by you, you pick the time when we install and setup your wireless network. Our aim is to minimize downtime and disruption. We strive on a seamless transition.


We come to you and install the access points. We the configure them all to your design and ensure they’re all up and running correctly. We will also perform a few tests to ensure the signal is consistent throughout your building.

Monitoring & Support

You aren’t going to be left stranded after the installation is complete. We offer 24/7 monitoring of your networks and provide support for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, any changes in the future you wish to make will be quicker and easier with us. So, don’t be left out and ensure you receive the support you need.

Unparalleled wireless network control & security.

We always look for the best gear you can get for your network. When it comes to wireless network security and control, Draytek routers are unparalleled in their features. The flexibility and control you have over almost every aspect of your wireless network with a Draytek router will ensure you have the exact setup you want.

With port and tag based VLAN options, QoS, load balancing and more, all of this control is yours for a very competitive and affordable price. Super-charge your network security with a Draytek router.

Intuitive Interface & Design

All Draytek routers come with an ease-of-use control panel. Thus, simple changes are quick and easy. With a few clicks, you can setup and configure your VLAN, configure line bonding and load balancing, setup whitelists and more!

Draytek Vigor Control Panel Wireless

What we Do

Our goal for you is simple: Improve your wireless network security. Our 4 step process (similar to our ubiquiti process) will have you up and running, with monitoring, support and assistance post-installation.

Free On-Site Audit & Consultation

We come to you at a convenient time for you. From there, we will commence a network audit of your building, noting key weaknesses in security and more. Once complete, we will give you a full list of recommendations, including the quotation for the work ahead.

Planning & Preparation

Once you have agreed to the work and quotation, we will plan ahead the times we need to pop-in and improve your network. Again, these times will be based around the most convenient moments you have available. Our goal is to keep you up and running with minimal interference and/or downtime.

Installation & Setup

During the days agreed upon, you may encounter some interference or drops in network connectivity, as we install the draytek router and configure the subnets where appropriate. However, just sit back and relax. In the rare cases of unforeseen extended downtime, we will alert you and make amendments to the visiting times for installation to minimize the impact.

Monitoring & Support

Once we have completed the installation and setup, you aren’t left unsupported. We will configure 24/7 monitoring of the newly installed equipment to ensure it’s working in top form, constantly. Furthermore, for any other changes you would like to make to your wireless network, we are available on call to deal with your request. This also includes problems with the network. We don’t leave you in the dark.

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