Save Replacement Expense With Computer Repairs or Upgrades

Your one-stop computer repair in Oxford

If your computer is showing signs of age, is unusable because of a broken laptop screen, or no longer meets your storage needs because of a low capacity hard drive, you may feel it’s time to pension it off and invest in a shiny new one.

This may be the best bet, but despite tech moving on apace it’s possible your machine could have more life left in it with some judicious repair, upgrading or replacing of certain components. Our computer repair Oxford service is geared to extend the life of your machine and help you save money.

For example, a new and larger hard drive to meet increased storage needs or maybe more RAM memory to help speed performance up could be a cost effective way of coaxing more life out of your machine at a vastly lower cost than full replacement.

Dropped your laptop and broken the screen? A new machine may not be necessary as we can replace laptop displays in our computer repair shop in Oxford.

At Computer Assistance, we can help you extend the life of your laptop or desktop PC and save you the cost and upheaval of upgrading to an all-new machine whether it’s a Windows-based PC or an Apple Mac.

From our computer repair shop in Oxford we can repair and replace the following:

  • Laptop screen replacement – for various models including Apple MacBooks
  • Power socket replacement – no power may not mean the end of the road for your machine
  • Virus and malware removal – we can rid your machine of these nasties
  • Computer booting problems – we can help whether it’s Windows or Mac OS
  • Overheating – we can investigate and cure your overheating issues
  • Keyboards and touchpad – we can help with malfunctions and dead keys

For upgrading your machine if it’s no longer meeting your needs, we can help with the following:

  • RAM – more intensive usage and perhaps increasing software demands may mean your machine struggles to keep up and is slower than you’d like – we can sometimes (depending on the machine) upgrade your RAM.
  • Hard drive (HD) replacement – your storage needs may be increasing and you’re finding your present HD is too small for your needs so ask us about fitting a new, larger (and faster) one.
  • CD/DVD drive replacement – if your present optical drive isn’t working or is too slow, we may be able to fit a new and faster one.
  • Casing – for Apple Macs we offer a replacement of the exterior casing to give your Mac a fresh look if yours has taken some punishment over time.
    Battery replacement – eventually your laptop battery will need replacement: we can help here for PC and Mac.

PCs and Apple Macs can last a lot longer than you may think despite the assumption that tech soon dates. For example, Apple Macs can potentially last a decade as Apple continue to support older machines with patches to the operating system. Even if your Apple Mac can no longer accept the latest operating software release, the company continue to support the two previous versions of the Mac OS prior to the latest release.

Therefore, it’s always worth talking to us at our computer repair shop in Oxford to see if a repair, replacement or an upgrade would be feasible for your Mac or PC.

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