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Software Management System

Seraph is a Customer Support Management System originally developed for IT support companies to manage and track their support cases both for retail shop and for business clients. Uses the newest programming languages and techniques and is completely web enabled. We have packaged it as a VirtualBox image so you can get it up and running in no time.

This modular system is highly adaptable for any support business and in addiction to the core modules, has the ability to be adapted and grown with additional modules available through its open source libraries.

Open Source

Completely FREE and open to modifications.

Mobile App

Seraph Help Desk is even available for Android devices and shortly for iOS and Windows Phone

Issue Tracking

A comprehensive Issue Tracking System bound to clients, location, stock, files, images, severity, reports, status...

Clients Base

Organized and easy access data base of private and business clients bound to issues history, invoices, multiple locations, contracts...

Stock Control

Tools to monitoring the stock classified by categories, providers and orders.

Human Resources

Keep in control the employees holidays, schedule and productivity. It includes a point-based award system to improve the employees motivation.

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