Rhubarb Solutions

Rhubarb Solutions are an Oxford based furniture manufacturer, providing everything from soft seating to office chairs to medical chairs. It has a strong focus on helping posture and alleviating back pain.

ClientRhubarb SolutionsYear2016Linkwww.rhubarbsolutions.co.uk

The Rhubarb Web Design Task

  • Design.
  • Development.
  • Content Management System.
  • E-Commerce Foundation
Rhubarb Solutions - Web Design Oxford

The Challenge

Rhubarb Solutions needed a modern redesign of their website to represent their rapidly expanding business and to give them an online presence that they hadn’t had before, one that could provide the foundations for a possible e-commerce online sales based future. Modern was the keyword – it had to be as creative and attractive as their furniture.

The Solution

Our solution was to act as a shop window, a beautiful but smooth interface through which customers could easily browse Rhubarb’s impressive selection of seating. Their Products page is the key feature here, a stunning and flexible 4 column slider to showcase their most popular product categories.

Meanwhile, Rhubarb’s expert photography is showcased through the full page home image slider.