Without a regular performance check, your PC or laptop will inevitably slow down and run into problems; hard drive clusters will begin to fail, temporary folders will clog up your machine and your hard drive itself become fragmented, slowing down as it has to look in many different places to open a file. We can fix this, ‘defragging’ your hard drive to get it back up to speed.

Computer Assistance can give your PC a performance check, ensuring its components are all in running order and it’s running as fast as it can.

File Cleaning

When a computer has a lot of programs, they tend to sprawl all over, leaving temporary files everywhere, bloating your hard drive.

Start Up

Sometimes programs start up when your computer starts, whether you want them to or not. Sometimes they even start up without your knowledge, using up valuable memory while being invisible. We can clean up your computer’s start up process, making sure that programs only start up when you want them to.


Windows often splits up files and places them all over your hard-drive, making it difficult and slow for the hard-drive to reach them later when it needs them. If your computer is running slow, it is often because your hard drive needs to be defragmented, rewriting files into one larger piece and ensuring your hard drive can retrieve the file easily when needed.