Regardless of how well you treat your machine, the hard drive is a component which can always go wrong, making you unable to boot to the Operating System and possibly losing all your data. We can replace your old hard drive with either a brand new larger hard drive, or better yet, a new state of the art Solid State Drive. SSDs are far more reliable than hard drives, as well as being far faster. Our technicians all agree that an SSD is the biggest upgrade you can make to your PC for a guaranteed speed up.

What’s more, we can make sure that all your data, your bookmarks, everything that’s precious to you moves across to the new hard drive. Our data transfer process is so quick, reliable and painless, you will have very little downtime.

Contact us today to see how we can set you up with a fast, brand new, high-storage solution.

Programs and files will launch or load faster
Search results will turn up faster
Much quieter than normal hard drives
Don’t contain moving parts
Uses less electrical power
Longer battery life for laptops
Prices have been dropping
Can include disk cloning or migration software