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GDPR - Is Your Business Ready?

A new data protection regulation is on its way – Are you and your business prepared?

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About the new regulation


The Key points of the regulation
  • GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation The regulation is a major update to the original Data Protection Act (DPA) of 1998. This includes updates to definitions, penalties and responsibilities.
  • Arrives 25th May 2018 You have until May this year to get compliant with GDPR.
  • Huge Penalties for Non-Compliance You and your business could be fined €20,000,000, or 4% of your annual global turnover. Whichever is greater.
  • Updates to Definitions GDPR also updates the definitions on what is considered personal data. This includes your IP address!

How does it affect me?

Effect of GDPR

Customers & Businesses will be affected!
  • Customer 'Right to Erasure' As a customer, you have the right to request the removal of any personal data that can identify you
  • Customer Data Portability A new right to allow a person to transfer their personal data from one electronic processing system to and into another, without being prevented from doing so by data controller.
  • Business data processing The new regulation will put all accountability on the business. So all personal data acquisition must have appropriate levels of security. The use of pseudonymisation and encryption of personal data is recommended
  • Business data breach reports Upon a data breach by cyber attack, businesses are obligated to report the breach and the victim of said data breach within 72 hours of awareness.

What can I do?

GDPR isn't a one off...

But is a learning opportunity
  • This new regulation is here to stay. Unless there are any major changes to it in the future, then this is a process that will need to be incorporated into your day-to-day business proceedings. However, it doesn't need to be considered a chore. For quite a few businesses, it will only require a few amendments to proceedings. For others, however, it will require a lot more procedural changes that will have to maintained for the foreseeable future. But, GDPR does teach good habits about data security, not just for your business, but for home. So, if it helps, consider it a learning process for you and your business about better practices with data security.

Additional Information

We would recommend that you go read up on GDPR with the below useful articles. We are also not a legal advisory. Please consult a legal advisory for more information and confirmation of compliance with GDPR.


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