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It’s time to look at your Business Continuity Planning.

With our government promoting self-isolation in response to the COVID-19 virus, it’s time to look at how your business can continue operating.

Business continuity failure usually poses a high financial and reputational risk. The risk assessment is important to all businesses regardless of size and sector, and currently, we are facing a very specific risk – the potential for an immobile workforce.

Planning and testing for remote working is the single most effective and cost-efficient risk control for the threat posed by COVID-19. That’s where we can help, ensuring your staff can work from home and they have access to not just their email, but all their resources (headset / VPNs / webcams / inbound call redirections / internal databases) that they could possibly need.

The questions we can solve for you:

  • Does your staff have all the access they need from home? Do they need a VPN or remote desktop functionality?
  • Do they need access to internal databases / spreadsheets?
  • Do they need hardware – headsets, webcams, laptops?
  • Does your staff need inbound calls redirected to their mobile?
  • Is the remote working equipment used by staff properly secured?
  • Are the remote machines protected by anti-virus?

If we can help, then don’t hesitate to contact us:

If you need help shoring up your Business Continuity planning then please contact us. We can put your mind at ease and provide some additional tips at no cost. We assist with a full risk assessment and IT-focused continuity and testing plan, as well as implementing the required systems.