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We stock every replacement part you might need, from motherboards to memory, from hard drives to graphic cards. Our technicians can quickly and accurately diagnose your computer’s fault and then replace the part at fault, leaving your PC as good as new.

Our technicians have decades of experience – what’s more, we have over 20 technicians on hand so we can help as soon as possible. Or if nothing’s wrong and you just want a nice upgrade to make sure your computer is just a little more speedy or can run the latest videogames, we can help with that too. We can accurately diagnose what part of your computer is the bottleneck, slowing the rest of it down.

Since we have so many parts in stock, we rarely need to order anything in, meaning we can swap your part out speedily. This leaves you with very little downtime, so you get your computer back as soon as possible.

Contact us today to see how we can replace your PC or Mac components.